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February 6th, 2007, 10:35 AM
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well, it's odd that he won't research it if he researches everything else. I didn't have a struggle with my DH, I just prefaced teh conversation with....I NEED this, and i need you to at least try to be on board. The idea initially appealed to him, and more so after he met the MW. Print out Isaeph's birth story, heck, that's what sold me on HB Maybe if he sees the intimacy and the love that they we able to share during their birth, THAT will get to him. I also think that if he's on board for the UP, if you can INVOLVE him in it, have him help you with each "check-up" that would help empower him. does that make sense? By the time birth rolled around, it would prob feel wierd to him to invite anyone else.
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