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February 7th, 2007, 12:22 AM
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i sat down with my bf this afternoon and we went through a bunch of names. this is our list so far. opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

aidan, brady, brody, bryant, campbell, cohen, dermott, duncan, emmett, evan, grady, keegan, nolan, quinn, riley, ryland, sawyer, shane, sloane, and teague.[/b]
Aidan: I like it, even if it is trendy or popular, it's a solid name
Brady: The Brady Bunch, la la la la... he will probably hear that song every day from someone who thinks they're the first to connect the dots
Brody: Eh, it's ok
Bryant: I have bad associations with Kobe Bryant
Campbell: Is a last name and a soup, and should stay that way IMO
Cohen: Eh, it's ok
Dermott: NMS at all
Duncan: NMS at all
Emmett: LOVE IT
Grady: Really really dislike this name
Keegan: I like it, though it's becoming a dual gender name
Nolan: I think of Nolan Ryan, but it's a good association
Quinn: I like it, but it's another one being co-opted by girls
Riley: Strongly, strongly dislike this name
Ryland: Dislike this name even more strongly than Riley
Sawyer: Strongly dislike it
Shane: it's ok, more my style as a mn
Sloane: I like it although it does sound like a romance novel character
Teague: I like this one also, still more of the romance novel or possible soap opera connotations.

Another suggestion you might like based on these names: Brennan

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