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July 11th, 2005, 02:08 PM
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Hi ladies, thanks for responding. Well, I just tested again.. and here's the weird thing.. I bought some testing strips from online.. and I bought some pg tests from the store. I've been using the online test strips every day since a week before my period and the 2nd line has gotten progressively darker over the past couple weeks.. but the test I bought from the store.. you can BARELY see the 2nd line, what's going on with that?

When I first tested with my 2nd pregnancy I tested with First Response and that one came out positive and I tested the same day with my online strips and those came out negative [so I thought those were faulty].. so I waited a while and kept testing with my online strips.. and EVENTUALLY those came out positive.. but my 2nd testing of store bought tests was the EPT test.. and that was the one that you could HARDLY even tell there was a horizontal line.
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