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February 7th, 2007, 08:33 PM
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I did UP up until 23 weeks, I had a super nasty GI bug and some dilation but no effacement. I took care of it myself (three days bedrest, some wine, magnesium/calcium, TONS of Vit. C, and zinc to strengthen the BOW) but I saw an OB afterwards to make sure I was back to normal. I ended up seeing the OB three times and never going back.

UP is very much an instinctual process, one that takes a lot of dedication and perseverance but it was so worth it. You have to know where to look for answers and you have to decide what level of "care" you want to give yourself (will you do urine strips for gluc/protein, fundal height measurements, nutrition journaling, blood pressure, etc) and be willing to document what you do. It's relatively easy but it is a commitment, one which I am sure you would have no problem taking on![/b]
So you basically went with UP and just happened to see an OB a few times for the reassurance after your problems?

I am thinking I would definitely like to do it and have someone "on tap", so to speak, who I know I might like to see if I can't go it alone. Not really "waiting in the wings" but in case I want a second opinion on something.

As it is right now DF would probably feel better if I did the urine strips and blood pressure at least, and probably fundal height too, so I think if I choose that route I'll be doing everything I can to make him more comfortable with it. If he's willing to let me do that, I think I should at least try my best to reassure him. After all it would be his child too.
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