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February 7th, 2007, 08:39 PM
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As fond as I am of the convince him gradually method (worked for me) have you considered the I'm giving you all the facts and I'm not leaving until you listen method? DH was once uncertain that a particular course of action I had chosen was best (don't even remember what about now) and wouldn't listen so I printed off info and presented it to him while he was... doing business with the porcelain boss. I told him I wouldn't leave until he started reading and as he has public performance issues this worked beautifully.

And for the record moms can suprise you... I thought my mom would be totally against, but once she saw that I had educated myself she was all for... Ended up catching the baby herself![/b]
My mom will probably be fine with an unassisted birth, but the UP idea? Nooooo way. She has told me before that she thinks pregnancy is an illness. DF's mom, on the other hand, has a personal thing about disagreeing with every little thing I say no matter what. She loves ketchup? Fine but if I say I like it too she'll throw out every bottle in the house and tell people I'm crazy. It's just a weird thing with her.

I think I will try convincing him gradually until I do actually get pregnant ... there's not a lot of point in forcing him before then. If he's still not OK with it then I'll have to make him listen. The toilet thing is so funny!
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