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February 8th, 2007, 05:41 PM
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Is there a list or compilations of names that are OK choose from? I know Biblical names but not the Hebrew variants of them.

Here's some suggestions so far (just straight from the Bible)

Kezia (Cassia)
Sapphira (thought that might be a nice link to Garnet)

As for Elizabeth variants--would Aliza or Eliza work? Elisheva?

Of course, just the classic Elisabeth is great too. I prefer it with the S over the Z.[/b]
Well, my husband has approved Leila, Noa, Abigail, Leah, Hannah and Miriam. I like names like Aviva, Delilah and Chaya. There is a good list of Hebrew names here

I love the name Keziah but it (along with Jemima/Yemima) has strong history as a slave name in the US, and it would be insensitive to use them.

Sapphira is pretty on paper but sounds horrible to my ear and Phoebe is a New Testament name, I believe.

As far as Eliza and Elisheva, I am open to whatever sounds best with the first name. I just don't care for Isabel, Isabella and Alyssa because they are very popular right now.
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