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February 8th, 2007, 06:34 PM
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I posted something like this in another thread....but do any of you get territorial over names? By that I mean--do you guys have a name that you have loved FOREVER that is now becoming really popular? The three names that I have loved since I was very young (I've always thought about baby names, even as a child) are Alexandra, Charlotte and Gabriel (for a boy) I feel like all three are taking off. I used to like Jacob and look what happened to that Sorry, just a bit of a rant...hehehe....When I found out my pregnant cousin was going to name her daughter Alexa (which I hate), I told her that it was a cute name but that she had to be aware that if I had a daughter, she was going to be an Alexandra no matter what

So...what are the names you have loved for a long time that are unfortunately becoming very popular? Are you still going to use those names?
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