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February 9th, 2007, 03:26 PM
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Thanks for posting to the link of names, I checked a few out and found some more I liked:
Sela, Zara, even Aliyah (though Aliyah might be considered trendy now).
Out of your husband's names, I like Miriam the best, mainly b/c I hear Leah, Abigail, and Hannah a lot. I don't hear Leila, but it is similar to Lily and the like. I'm afraid Noa will just be associated with "THE" Noah, as I just hear it and automatically think of the ark. It's too much associated with a man for my to consider it a girl's name.
I LOVE Aviva, that is probably my favorite!
BTW, I don't think Keziah has as strong of a slave history as something like Jemima. I grew up in the south and have never heard that. I would definitely associate Jemima with slavery but not Keziah. But I can definitely understand the turn off if you associate it with that.

Good luck narrowing down the field. Let us know when you have a few favorites put together.[/b]
I love Aviva, but then (if I have 4 kids, I want to have at least 4...) it would be Oliver, Rivka, Aviva and Jonas. The lack of 'v' just makes Jonas sound so out of place I guess its not a big deal because I may have only one girl or none at all...

I agree with you about Hannah, Leah and Abigail. They are even more popular in the Jewish community. Leila/Layla is getting popular too.

I like Noa a lot, but don't ever think that I would use it since Noah is the English form of Noach.

I think Miriam Eliza/ Miriam Elisabeth is the best option now, but Miriam just seems so pale in comparison to Rivka.

I really need to convince DH that Mia or Maya is a great nn for Amalia. He insists on shortening it to Amy, and I have nothing but bad associations with that name.
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