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February 12th, 2007, 05:53 AM
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Still not crazy yet. I am going to the WIC office today, nothing like a little procrastination right? Cuz NOW is the time to get signed up for WIC, when I'm nearly a week overdue My car has been broke, it JUST got fixed, so that's why. I should ask them about lactation consultant classes, that's what I'd like to be...hmmm. Hopefully, I can get there early enough that it won't be a total nightmare.

I had the WORST dream last night! I had the baby, at a birth center, me and this other chik were sharing a big bed and pushed our babies out at the same time. My baby was 1. a GIRL 2. Deformed (like her arm was fused weblike to her head, and 3. Black DH is like, do you have something to tell me? And in the dream it was actually the other couples baby, but they had gotten switched in utero? Very strange.

I kept getting bad leg cramps all night, and I haven't gotten those at ALL until now, and the other night, I was just sitting there and my left boob started GUSHING. it was crazy, it made my MW happy though, she thinks it's almost time. We'll see. I'm planning a big dinner and evening for DH and I on valentine's cuz I"m sure I'll still be preggers then

Have a good day girls, I'll be back in a couple hours laugh.gif
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