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February 13th, 2007, 12:08 AM
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Well some of my favourite names are from TV shows but not ones that are too popular anymore

Maeve and Bryn(n) - Maeve is a character from the old series (1997-98) Adventures of Sinbad and she was my childhood heroine, I've been lucky enough to even email the actress and have a quick conversation with her. After that character was pretty much killed off in the second season a new lead character...Bryn...came onto the scene. I never liked the character but loved the name.

Gabrielle, Hope, Eve - I used too (like many girls) be in love with the show Xena Warrior Princess...Xena's sidekick was Gabrielle, Hope was Gabrielle's daughter and Eve was Xena's daughter. GP's also came from that show, Callisto and Solan (though in the show I think it was spelled Solon)

So while I wouldn't choose a name just because it's on a show I do get some ideas from TV...never would have heard of Bryn if it wasn't for the Sinbad series...It is a good source of ideas
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