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February 13th, 2007, 05:24 PM
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Okay so we've basically scrapped every name we've ever considered before and gone for a more practical than fictional approach. I will post our top 5 combo contenders for each gender. Could you all please pick which 1 you like most for each gender or give opinions on the combo's? Thankyou xx


Holly Athena 'Leah'
Ivy Gabrielle 'Ella'
Saffron Hera 'Savvy'
Willow Natasha 'Tasha'
Farrah Alexandria 'Sascha'


Lucian Gregory 'Luke'
Julian Caleb 'Liam'
Benjamin Ares 'Ben'
John Michael [Lots of meaning to this one but I find it plain, SO refuses to swap them around] 'Mike'
Silas Matthias 'Matty'

Much appreciated xx
Adrianna Calysto
Seraphina Lucinda
32weeks pregnant with Benjamin Gregory + Melody Tabitha.
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