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February 15th, 2007, 01:42 PM
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Lucy is gorgeous!!! I love her hair!

LOL now that that is out of the way, CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy. I understand how hard a pregnancy after loss can be - I had a m/c in Nov 05, and got pregnant again in Jan '06 - my DD is now 16 weeks old. My pregnancy with Gaby was quite emotionally hard, especially the first trimester, but I foudn it was a little easier if I didn't think of the ENTIRE 40 weeks of pregnancy, I would just 'aim' to get to certain milestones.

my milestones were making it to:
5w4d (when I had my miscarriage)
10w (when I experienced my first loss in 2001)
12w & first scan
20w & second scan (finding out the sex)
23w (viability outside the womb)
27w (3rd tri)
38w (considered full term)

............ and then everyday past 40w... all 14 of them, before Gaby decided to arrive!

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