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February 15th, 2007, 10:17 PM
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I plan to HB for both reasons too. For one, our hospital is notorious for the mistreatment of mothers and infants, forcing unneccessary interventions, and making degrading or otherwise insulting comments. For two, I HATE hospitals, everything about them. They don't just make me uncomfortable, they make me angry.

If it came down to an emergency, I'm not worried... the hospital is literally two blocks away (another reason I'm getting inlaw flack about staying at home). I would much rather be able to zone out in my own home, go into "mommy mode" and just do my thing than be yelled at to push, jabbed, poked, prodded etc. Not really conducive to a pleasant labor experience for me. The last time around, between me and my mom, we nearly knocked the teeth out of several people... not to mention she kicked the ob out of the room and delivered my daughter because he was a total jerk.[/b]
Ugh, the hospital here is the same way. I was in with a kidney infection last year and every day this surgeon kept coming in wanting to poke my stomach and ask questions about my eating habits. Once I convinced him I didn't have indigestion he poked me harder and kept asking "Does it hurt there? DOES it?" Of course after getting poked in the stomach for 10 minutes straight it DID hurt, and when I said yes he was positively ecstatic. "OH! You have APPENDICITIS and we'll have to take that out TONIGHT!" My DF kicked him out of the room and told him never to come back, but I STILL had to tell the nurses I'd sue the hospital if they let him near me, because he kept hanging around outside my door trying to convince everyone I had appendicitis.

If they'll make a kidney infection into appendicitis, I don't even want to know what they'll make birth into.
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