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February 18th, 2007, 10:38 AM
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Hi ladies!!!!

I hope its ok that I am posting this here. Alot of my Jm Family ( gals that used to be on the TTC after Loss ) have moved over to this board and I jsut wanted to share with them!
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Ladies I have some super exciting news...!!!!

I know that after the stress after the last month I wasnt gonna do the whole OPk and Clomid thing but I did this cycle both of them..... Dh has been suprisingly active as far as bding we started with the whole every othr night thing on cd 8-9 and then on friday I got my pos opk!!! we bd'd about an hour after I got it ! and then we bd'd last night too! Usually dh is sooo not cooperative but this month hes wanting to bd all the time!!! I was having O pains from the clomid like i did back in nov when i had the cysts and i was on 200 mg of clomid this time not 150... so i called the doc and got some pain meds to make it through.... Anyhow i got my neg opk yesturday... so i knwo i am in the 2ww now!!!!! I am sure we will prolly bd again today and if we dont i know we are tomarrow to "seal the deal" so to speak!!!!! I am really really feeling like this is our month!!!!! so oooo ladies please cover me in babydust!!!! i wanna be here with you soon!!!!! HUGS!!!!

Brit--- i knew you were gonna have another girl.... i have strange senses about these things sometimes!!!! congrats!!!!!

Jen- Hey hun! sorry your having such a stressful time , but your numbers are looking sooo good!!! I am very optimistic that everything is gonna fine hun!!! you'll be a momma again soon! ..... hang in there and keep the faith ! I sent your package out on saturday!

Jess! How are things???? we havent had an update from you recently i hope things are doing good with the bean!!!

well i think thats it!!!!! i know there are more ladies over here... but right now my mind is sooo filled with hope that i can't remember everyone... i did wonder how DRU'sMOM's doing havent heard from here or MIss MIndy in ages!!!!!

Thinking of you ladies!!!!

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