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February 19th, 2007, 06:44 PM
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The diaper genie had worked great for me, but others hate it

A changing table is great/ Mine is a top a dresser. My husband will only change the baby on the changing table cuz he's tall and table fits him. I however will change the baby on the couch if its closer. The mobile is great, STone loves to watch his mobile before his nap. ( I put him in the crib for naps during the day, even though he sleeps in the cradle, that way he gets used to it for when he goes there to sleep at night_

The diaper wipe wormer is something I wanted too, but I read online here on this board that the warmer can be a nuisance. If you change your baby at home and he gets the warmer he expexts the wipe to be warm all the time. So if you have to change him at someone else's house or at a store, its nor warm and he/she will scream so they are not used to it. I opted for not having the warmer because of that issue. Do as you wish ofcorse. Just think about that warning.

The rug is a great idea, I've learned the hard way cuz my dog started marking territory in the babys room.. so I'm shampooing alot.... So if you have pets, this is a must.

having a table beside the rocker in the nursery is great. Leeat the 2 bottles DH leaves on it for me every mornign prooves that to

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