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February 20th, 2007, 08:06 PM
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I got my BFP on Valentines Day! Dh and I have been ttc baby #4 for 11 months. I really didn't think this was our month because we were sort of on a break (but obviously we managed to bd a few times...LOL). I kept testing using internet cheapies (I started testing at about 6 DPO which was WAY too early). On 11 DPO (Valentines Day) I tested several times with my internet cheapies. I thought that I saw a tiny hint of a line which was odd because these were the first internet cheapies that had no evap line at all. I headed out to the store and picked up some Clearblue Easy +/- tests (the non digital kind). I got an immediate (but faint) BFP. I was hesitant to call it a BFP because I've been burned before so I went back out to the store (by this point it's like 8 pm) and bought some Clearblue Digitals. I wanted to test that same night but I had peed so many times that day I couldn't go! LOL! I woke up early the next morning (it was 5 am) and used my digital and got a BFP!!!!

I re-tested later that night with my second Clearblue +/- test just for fun and got another BFP. Here is that test (the first test was 11DPO, the bottom test is 12DPO):

I didn't really have any symptoms this month but I did have a gut instinct that I was pregnant which is why I refused to give up testing (even though the cheapies kept saying no). I will say that internet cheapies suck! DONT USE THEM! I didn't get an obvious positive until the day my AF was due (and even then it wasn't as dark as the store brand tests). I kept reading about how great they are at detecting early pregnancy but I got a much better result with the Clearblue tests (both the digital and the regular +/- kind).

Anyway, my due date is October 27th which is great because my 2 year old is an October baby and I love it! Good luck to everyone ttc and I hope you will be joining me in a DDC soon!
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