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February 22nd, 2007, 10:01 AM
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I'm also adopted, so I figured I would pipe up... And, like ann, I am glad to answer any questions.

Have you always know you were adopted?
I learned when I was about 5 years old that I was adopted - so basically, yes, I have.

How did your parents tell you?
My mother sat down on the end of the bed with me with a large envelope on her lap. She explained, in basic terms (since I was so young) how some mothers aren't able to be mothers yet, and how other mothers are ready but can't get children in the usual way. She explained to me how my birth mother was very young and loved me very much but had to give me away, so she (adopted mother) and my (adopted) father chose me to be theirs, and that made me very special. In the envelope was a letter from my birth mother that she read to me, and also a locket my birth mother gave to me that has been handed from mother to daughter through generations - with the pictures taken out, of course.

Do you know your birthparents and birthfamily??
No. When I turned 18 I had the option of contacting the adoption center, but I chose not to - I appreciate everything my birth mother gave me and am so thankful to her, but I have a very happy family life and know that is a part of my past. There are times when I'm curious, but even though my parents say they will support me if I choose to find them, I know it would really hurt my mom if I went looking.

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