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February 22nd, 2007, 10:21 AM
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[font=Arial Narrow][size=2] I had a pretty easy pregnancy for the most part. No morning sickness (not enough to hate anyway!). Everything was great up until i was about 7 months along. They did a routine ultrasound and noticed that his placenta was aging alot quicker then it should so they put me on bed rest. I went in every 2 weeks then every week after i hit 8 months for NST's. They decided to enduce me on Aug. 1st 2005. His EDD was for 8/8/2005 so he was only a week early.

I went in at 11:00am that morning, They hooked me up to everything and checked me. I was 1cm so I was already started. They gave me som pitocin and it all progressed from there. I asked for an epidural around 4-5cm, once i got that I was VERY happy...the rest was pretty easy until I hit 9cm and I was in alot of pain...mostly from the pressure. I started pushing at 11:00pm that night. Kaden Sean made his arrival at 11:23pm on Aug. 1st 2005. 6lbs 11oz 19 3/4in long. Perfect in everyway. :]]

Here is his new baby pic:


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