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February 24th, 2007, 09:25 PM
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Hey! I'm great, saving lots of money!!! How's your little princess doing? You are in my prayers! When is her surgery?[/b]
Thanks for the prayers--I firmly believe that prayer is what's carrying us through this.

Her surgery is on Wednesday! I'm starting to get extremely stressed out over it all...though I am trying to remain really hopeful. She just such a fighter--I keep telling myself that she just doesn't dare give up. She doesn't give up about anything!

I'm glad you're saving lots!!! We are going to fall into financial ruin from all this--I'm so serious. I have to rent a hotel for the first several days of the baby being in the hospital because she'll be in ICU and won't have her own room, so I can't stay at the hospital. I am trying to find something super close by so I can be there first thing in the morning and stay most of the day. My sister and my niece and my M&FIL are going to be here for the kids... and then they'll stay with my folks on the weekends and DH will come down to the hospital with me. They said to anticipate her being in the hospital at least two weeks, but probably longer...depending on her speed of recovery.

I'm [hopefully] taking my computer with me, but DH might not let me. We shall see about that. If I can't have my computer there, I'll likely have to step down as host. I've been debating it, since I don't have much time on here these days, but I'm really trying not to have to!
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