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February 25th, 2007, 09:44 AM
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Hi - happy to have found a site for the older gals... I am 44 and pregnant with my third. My youngest is 7. So it's bee awhile. I have been feeling great, no problems whatsoever - buy recently (I am 12 wks) having horrendous headaches that last all day. I read in a book this is normal, but it is getting to the point I am losing it - and want to take something. I read tylenol is okay, but still perfer not to if I can. Then last night, I have horrible back pain, actually just right of the spine in the lower back and could not sleep the entire night - no position would ease and the pain - it was shooting. Is this possibly the cyatic (sp?) nerve? I even tried getting into "down dog" as I remember that helping me years ago with the other two. And finally, everything seems so far advanced, I am huge in the belly and "feel" stuff all the time - I thought it was too early for that. I know this is a lot and hope I don't sound like a complainer. I love being pg and was looking forward to a great one, but now I am worried. If anyone has had similiar experience, it would be great just to know I am not alone. Thanks!!
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