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December 2nd, 2004, 11:23 AM
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Well I think the baby food grinder was a good idea. Brandon has dysphagia so its hard for him to eat solids and jarred baby food, well, its yucky. Anyway, I made some hamburger helper last night for Kelly and the kids. Brandon kept trying to get into Kelly's food. That was a great thing to see for me because he really hasn't had much interest in food. So I decided to try grinding it up and see what happens. I made it pretty thick because you have to add water to it or milk to get the consistency really thin. I was afraid if I added liquids it would make it taste yucky. So I gave it to him like this. He ate it!!!! But I am not sure if I should make it thinner. He only ate about eight bites. You can hear him when he eats. Because of the dysphagia and poor muscle tone in his mouth everything he eats is like eating peanutbutter. You know how its hard for you to eat peanutbutter and swallow it. That is what he looks like when he eats anything that isn't really thin. He opens his mouth really wide and you can see him struggling to eat it. So I may have to make the consistency thinner. But I am so psyched to see him eating things. I think his problem is that baby food is just yucky. We shall see. I will keep you posted!

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