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February 25th, 2007, 06:52 PM
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When I had Amara they asked me to sign the papers so that Amara could get her shots. I told them no. They sounded surprized, and even sounded a little scared. I thought nothing of it at the time. Then like 2 months after she was born my sister asked if she had gotten her 2 month shots yet. I said no she wasn't getting any. Then she said "then why did she get one at the hospital?" WTH I did not know that she got one at the hospital. They gave her the shot before they asked me to sign the paper and that is why they sounded scared. It may have been the vitamin K shot, but I said no shots. They did not give her the eye ointment and I never said anything about that. This makes me so mad.[/b]
I believe that the same thing happened to me. My daughter was out of my sight on several occasions, and once, the nurse came in asking me to sign for the hep shot. I said "no", and she totally freaked. She came in at least five more times that evening asking me why I did not want my daughter to have the shot. I would describe her demeanor as panic when I continued to refuse. And it got to the point that I felt she was harassing me for saying no. After getting home, and looking back on the situation, I believe she was harassing me because they had already given her the shot...

I did look at the itemized bill, but my bill is not down to THAT level of detail.

Also, someone mentioned no side affects to Vit K shot. I've read from several credible sources that an overdose of Vit K can cause jaundice. You can google "Vitamin K jaundice" to get more info on that.
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