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February 26th, 2007, 01:12 AM
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I too was adopted. I figured why not answer your questions too. I too will be willing to answer whatever you want to ask. I'm an open book!

Have you always know you were adopted?: Yes. I was adopted at about 5 months and from that day on, my mother would tell me all about how much she wanted a little girl.

How did your parents tell you?: My mother even read books about being adopted in order to put me to bed as a bedtime story. It really helped soften any awkward feelings.

Do you know your birthparents and birthfamily??: When I was 27 (I'm 33 yrs old now) I finally got the guts to look for my biological family. I contacted the agency I was adopted through and we discussed my options. I originally thought I'd just go in to find out my medical records, but I figured why not try to find out if anyone in my biological family was looking for me. Well, two weeks later, my adoption agent called me to tell me my biological maternal grandmother and maternal cousin had been looking for me. Well to make a long story short, I met them. Things were rough at first. My maternal grandmother never got to say goodbye to me when I was given up for adoption. She made it very clear she was not pleased I looked like my birth father and not her daughter. But, that didn't hurt me. I knew she had a bad relationship with him and blamed him for my adoption, and it's not like I made myself look like anyone specifially .

My cousin was nice, but very resentful that my parents gave me away. We talked for a while beyond meeting but things were just getting too difficult due to her feelings. I asked to meet my father, since my birth mother had died when I was 11 yrs old. My cousin reluctantly gave me his information. I called him. How strange. He apparently lived right around the corner from my adoptive grandmother's house while I was living there! We met when he came to visit his ex-wife. We had a long talk. It say the least...informative. I did look a lot like him. He was sad and regretted giving me up so we stopped talking. I got what I wanted. I got to know where I came from, my medical history, and a little background about the family I had once been a part of. My adoptive family took it kind of hard but were trying their hardest to be supportive of my decision. They had no need to be afraid. I wasn't looking for another family. Even if they were the nicest, most welcoming people on Earth. I love my family...the family I grew up with. That's all I needed.

Let me know if there's anything you want to know.

Here's my full adoption story if you are interested. Click here
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