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February 27th, 2007, 09:22 AM
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I am also adopted. I was adopted at 5 weeks of age. I've always known I was adopted; my parents told me when I was really young so I just grew up knowing. I used to have all kinds of questions and my mom would answer them the best she could and share the information with me that social services gave her.

I sought out my birth mother when I was 19. It only took about a month because she was looking for me too, coincidentally. We were able to do the whole thing through social services.

At the time I was looking only for answers though and not so much for a relationship. After a few months, things fizzled and we lost contact. My adoptive mom died 6 years ago and a while after, I thought about looking for my birth mother again. I finally found her last year in March; they had moved to another state so that's why I'd had trouble finding her again. We now have an e-mail and phone relationship and she is very proud to be a grandmother to my new baby girl!
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