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March 3rd, 2007, 11:05 AM
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Baby name:Megan Elizabeth
Baby birth date: 12-20-06
Time of birth: 1:13am
Weight:6lbs 150z
Length:20 inches
Head circ:13
Type of delivery:emergency c section
Early/Late:almost 3 weeks early
Other information about pregnancy/labour/delivery: lets see had a cervix cheeck started cramping bad they said it was normal... they at 3am i sneezed and a lil water came out...kept doing this called hospital they basically told me its urine your crazy... tried to sleep but lil bit of fluid kept coming out called dr at 8am and she said nope cant be your water at 10am i stood up and a whole bunch came out.. called dh he rushed home from work and took me and my bags to the hospital it took them over a hour to see me then they said no its not your water....the lil test strip thingy came back negative for fluid.. trying to convince me it was urine like i am a dummie and wouldnt know what urine is! convinced them to do a ultrasound... well my fluid levels were 5.2 they should have been at a 10 and under 5 is dangerous levels.... so they kept me put me on a mointer said oh your having contractions real ones just not regular.. i was like what?!?!?! ive been having these since 20 weeks pregnant!!! they told me i was lucky to keep her in this long. anyways.they then made me walk and i lost alot more fluids so they had me go lay down ..... and gave me a pill i think it was p&c pill i forget the name of it. anywayss that pill is the evil pill from he double l let me tell you.. i was in so much pain the contractions were 2 minutes apart and thr contractions lasted about 1 min 45 each i barely breathed then there comes another one.. nice huh? anyways i did this from about 1pm till 1130 am.... my dr came in made a appearence checked my cervix said she is not even in the birth canal.... and your not dilated at all. so you can either take another pill or have a c section.... you will most likely end up in a c section you have to have her out by 3 am.. well i was crying and the pain had doubled since i had the cervix checked. so i was screaming in pain and crying cuz i didnt want all i wanted it to be all over. ok then i had the c section and i was freaking out... cuz i was having contractions and coughing from my cold i got at my baby shower a week earlier. then they gave me a spinal and then she came out and i didnt even see her she went to the NICU for having trouble breathing and her heartrate was to fast. so i didnt see her till 9 am and had her at 113am.

she was very jaundicy and tiny.. well tiny to me. i had a very bad recovery and left the hospital right before christmas eve. i think she let me go home early cuz of christmas not sure.
Date & gestation of past losses:5/2000 9 weeks
10/2001 13 weeks
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