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March 3rd, 2007, 07:12 PM
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My sister made this for my son for a Valentines gift. I thought it would be a great shower gift! It's called a Pot baby.

THe head and arms are made with some rubbery material. I know you can get it at walmart in sheets, but I can't think of what its called. The head is head up with a wooden rod stuck into the flower pot. You can use any color pot for whatever gender you need.

There is a real pacifer with a clip in his mouth. Of course the eyes are googily. THe feet are baby socks stuffed with cardboard, attached with velcro. Inside the pot is a onsie, a bib, bath supplies, and a medicine pacifier. (coolest thing in the world) and some toy keys attached at the arm.

It has a duckie theme, the socks, onesie and bib are all rubber duckie.

Its really cute. I can't bring myself to take the stuff out. lol.

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