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March 4th, 2007, 04:13 PM
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You are going to love CVS because of how much money you can save. Yes, you can use manufacturer's and store coupons for items that give you extra bucks back. And when you sign up to get an extracare card, they give it to you right then. So you can get the card as soon as you get there and then shop--using the card to buy the extrabucks products that day. Then the extrabucks will begin printing two days later which means anytime after two days, the coupon will print up with the receipt of your next purchase.

I'll give you a pointer about coupons and CVS; it's one of the reasons I love shopping there: they let you use so many different types of coupons all together. For example, let's say you buy toothpaste. These are all the kinds of discounts you can use for that one tube of toothpaste: manufacturer's coupon, store coupon (these print out sometimes on your receipt and you can get flyers by mail too), & extrabucks coupon from earlier purchase. Plus if you are buying other things in addition to the toothpaste, you can use one of those save $4.00 on $20.00 purchase(they print out alot on your receipts) and if you get extrabucks on any of those purchases, you get that back in two days. I also like to do all of the above when the item is on sale.

Just today I was able to save over $16.00 and ended up paying $23.00 for items that would normally be well over $40, including getting formula for $11 when it was about $24 normal price. You can really take advantage of some great deals at CVS.
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