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March 5th, 2007, 12:25 PM
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I had an attempted birth at a birthing center (NOT affiliated with the hospital) with my first but ended up transporting to the hospital after 30 hours of labor.... due to many factors, I ended up getting a C-Section with her. My hospital experience was HORRIBLE. I never wanted to go back!

I had my 2nd at home and it was WONDERFUL!

Here is a sampling of what I loved about being at HOME!
No one pushing drugs
No IV (I could eat/drink what I wanted)
Wore my own clothes
Labored in my own home the whole time (No stressing out over when to go to the hospital... no having to ask to use a toilet... I just DID it! LOL)
Controlled my environment (heat/cool, lights, sounds, etc)
My health care providers came to ME! (yeah!)
No pressuring me to push before I was ready or to stop pushing when I was ready!
No threat of a C-section
No constant fetal monitoring (My midwives did use a hand held doppler on me several times during labor *especially during pushing*, but this was not a big deal at all!)
No episiotomy (or threat of one)
No one trying to force me into a forceps or vacuum delivery because I was taking 'too long'
No pitocin to deliver the placenta
Got to hold my baby RIGHT away and nurse right away
No one handling my baby at all until after the placenta was pushed out
No one taking my baby's blood or running any tests on them or forcing formula on it
No one coming into the room every 30 minutes to take blood or check my temperature or blood pressure
No one trying to force me to take pain killers afterwards (this happened a LOT at the hospital with my DD!!!)

I got to relax and be a new family with the people I CHOSE!!! (No having to ward off visitors like at the hospital!!!!!)
I was in:
my bed
my tub
using my toilet
eating my food
using my phone
wearing MY clothes

Didn't have to worry about getting sick AT the hospital (muuuuuuuuch higher risk of catching an infection at the hospital!)

My baby never had to go to the nursery, never had to get a "nightly bath" like they do at the hospital here, I never had to gripe anyone out about giving a paci or formula or sugar water.........

I could really go on and on LOL
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