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March 5th, 2007, 01:54 PM
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Morgaine Faelynn.[/b]
I have a question about Fae/Fay/Faye. I love that it means fairy, love it. Love fairies.
But I dislike the sound of it and it doesn't appeal to me as a whole name but I had an aunt named Faye, who passed away from cancer recently and it would be nice to use it.
Which spelling should I use? Could I find a more suitable variant??

I love Morgana, it's actually a painting by Amy Brown and I love her. (She's a fairy! Aw.)
Morgan of the faeries

Well I had actually made up Faelynn... then later saw a varient of it at Faylinn: There it says it means "Graceful Woman"... but I've also seen it elsewhere with the meaning "Fairy Kingdom". *shrugs* I thought I made it up, lol.

I'm sure you could find a varient. Personally I like the spelling Fae... but thats because of the way I spell faery.
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