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March 5th, 2007, 08:50 PM
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My first was a fairly uncomplicated hospital birth with interventions, but not a disaster or bad situation.

This time around, I had difficulty finding an OB who wasnt going to fight me on every issue. I had debated seeing an OB and just fighting to get my way and then decided that I really didnt want my primary memories of my birth being how I fought them off from the pitocin, or whatever. And I really dont see the hospital as a necessity in a normal birth... but I think in the beginning I was a little hesitant to really make that decision.

So I started searching midwives for my care - i found two - one birthing center MW and one homebirth mw. we interviewed them both & determined them both equally competent, friendly, personable, and affordable.

We then weighed the pros/cons of a birthing center vs. home birth.
Birthing Center: drive an hour for each of our appts, an hour for the birth, come home 4 hours after the birth, but no clean up, then back an hour the next day, and a week later.

Home birth: all the same equipment, but some extra preparation & clean up (which it was way less than I initially thought). She came to me, for my appts, and for my birth & for the next day.

We also took into consideration thta we didnt plan on having any more kids. It was our last chance. An out of hospital birth was an out of hospital birth,a nd so we decided on the homebirth - it was in our own home, you cant get any better than that.

And so we did - and mi so glad we did - i wouldnt do it any other way now!


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