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March 5th, 2007, 08:59 PM
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I was ignorant with my first. I didn't know anything about birth. I didn't know how perfectly designed my body was for the entire process. No one ever told me. I didn't know how dangerous the things the hospital offered were, pitocin, epidural, demerol, vit. k, etc. no one ever told me. When i got the epidural, no one said, hey this has MORPHINE and a cocaine derivative in it, are you sure? Instead of making me feel safe and capable at the hospital, they threatened me with a c-section.

With my homebirth, god it was so beautiful. I still can't talk about it wouthout crying. Ina a good way! My mw was so wonderful. She stayed with me all day through the early part of my labor, we talked and laughed and had dinner together and it was so great. When it got hard she held me and they told me how strong I was. I was amazing, I could DO IT, they said. Their faith in me, gave ME faith. When my baby came out, MW caught him, but that's it, she just laid him under me, thus allwoing me to instinctively hold him and take care of him, and be the first hands on him, the way it's meant to be. They cleaned up made me coffee, took care of my other child and left us to bond as a family. I could go on forever, but that' the gist of it.
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