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March 6th, 2007, 12:02 PM
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Tuesday 3-6-07 13w6d

Well I was having a great day after a great night

But now it isn't so great. Dave made me mad and he doesn't even know it yet. Little lies drive me CRAZY. He lied about selling something on ebay...not a huge deal, but I am MAD. We both have been in bad marriages. And I refuse to allow anyone to lie to me even if it is a white lie. It's still a lie. GRRR He is going to get an earfull when he gets home.

Anyways I was sitting here playing on the web and felt the first real sign of m/c a minor gush of red blood. It was really watery. At first I was hoping my water broke, but it didn't seem like that, not a big enough gush. I have no cramping yet. Just a growling tummy.

I just did 2 miles on the treadmil after doing 2 last night. I didn't over do it, highest heartrate was 155 and not for long. I kept it around 130-140. Maybe that is finally making things happen. I hope so!

3:15: Now I am cramping but the bleeding has gone down. We'll see....

4:00 cramping is dull....spotting is gone, maybe next time? Oh well

8:00 cramping, and back pain again. Sticky red discharge....kinda like red mucus...ewww LOL Maybe the mucus plug? If I am lucky. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I just want this over soon. I also have had this pinching sensation in the pelvic area since last night. Hard to describe it.

8:15 I feel like I have to pee every 10 seconds. I JUST went. This is getting weird....

11:00 Not much is happening. Cramps got worse and then better. I almost thought they were contractions for a while there. Still red blood mixed with little clots on the tp.

I am going to drink a beer and watch a movie. I haven't had a beer since before I got pregnant. This m/c is taking forever....... I just want to see my baby.
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