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March 8th, 2007, 11:02 AM
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i L.O.V.E. this pump. i have seen lots of previous posters saying it's not worth it if you are a SAHM but i greatly disagree. even SAHM need to leave their babies sometimes and this allows that freedom, even if it's to the store or to the gym, having expressed milk on hand for emergencies is essential!

i am one of those moms that needs a stronger sucking to express milk and so handheld cheaper priced pumps did not work for me, this pump was given to me by a friend (i bought brand new tubes, suction cups and bottles), and it truely saved my breastfeeding relationship with my second son. with my first son we only lasted 2 months (lack of education and a poor pump) but now we are still nursing at 20 months with my second son! and althoguh i don't need my pump anymore, i was a SAHM and i truely feel this pump saved us and helped the bonding process for papa and baby as well.

it is well worth the money.
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