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March 8th, 2007, 01:11 PM
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Thursday 3-8-07, 14w1d

I slept soooo good. I slept from midnight till around 12:00. 12 hours of much needed sleep. In that time I only bled a tiny bit. I was really worried last night. If the bleeding continued at the rate it was I felt like I would have died. I wish I wasn't so stubborn. But I want my baby.

It's 3:00 now. I have had small clots, but nothing major. The contractions are a bit stronger, but not a big deal. I am still really dizzy and can't walk very much, but I did take a shower! It took forever and I had to sit 99% of the time, but I feel better.

Now it is time to lay down again, and take a nap.

I hope the baby comes out soon.....

6:30pm I took a nap, and started reading a book. So far just red spotting and some tiny clots. When I go to the bathroom and push a little, I can feel something large just waiting to come out, but I don't have the strength to push for long. Probably the placenta. It sucks knowing I need to do it, but will pass out again if I try. I am being nice to my body, drinking lots and eating little snacks. I hope I can get my strength back soon. I feel better already but still can't stand for more than a couple seconds. I do feel like the fog lifted over my brain I worry that the baby already came out and I missed it. I know that most likely that isn't the case, but my mind is probably playing tricks on me again.

11:30pm Well I am officially bored! LOL I feel sooo much better, like I could run a mile. Well, until I put my shoes on. Then I would be ready for a nap. I have been having pretty stong contractions on and off. I would say 4-5 out of 10. Unfortunately they go away. I wish I could just push my baby out. I am getting a little nervous about what I will see though. If the water broke, will the baby still be in the sac? I hope so, but I just don't know what is going to happen. I know the placenta hasn't come out of me yet. At least I am 99%sure. I hate not knowing. I can deal with anything as long as I know what to expect. That has been the hardest part of all this, the unexpected. I am thankful that the baby didn't come out last night. I didn't have the strength physically to deal with the emotional part.

I wish there was a way to hurry this up.

My daughter was sick today. She has the flu. This is her dad's week and I felt like such a horrible mother for not being able to take care of her. I just couldn't do it and it breaks my heart to know she was sick and I wasn't there. My son also broke up with his girlfriend. I had to hang up with him so I could use the bathroom. It is just so frustrating to know my living kids need me and I couldn't be there. But, this little one needs me too for this one last thing.

Dave bought pink roses to lay her on when she comes out. Funny because I have never liked pink roses, but I just had to have them, and they had to be pink.

I think I should get up and do clean the house. I was thinking that last night when I thought of calling the ambulance. They can't come in here, the laundry isn't put away, the bed isn't made and the table needs dusting. Maybe I was delirious (sp?).

I have been only wanting to eat popsicles, eggs, bagels and potato chips with cheese sauce. Gatorade is the drink of choice. I asked Dave to buy Orange and he bought Tangerine. YUCK. I also tried pedialite. It tastes like chicken broth. Double YUCK.
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