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July 22nd, 2005, 06:52 AM
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Hi! I'm fairly new here - but thought that I'd add to your post...

How long did it take to get pregnant after your...? Well..... I had my 2nd D & C on May 23rd (1st was Dec 13, 2004), and according to the Doc, i'm currently 5w4days pregnant again.... total shock actually b/c we only had unprotected sex once (June 26th), because we were trying to hold off until we received all of the test results back.

How long before AF came back into your lives?
I was actually impatiently waiting for AF, but never got it. Had sore boobs for the last week or so, thinking it was PMS, when it actually was pregnancy. After my 1st m/c, it took about 4 weeks for me to get my first AF.

How long did the OB say to wait to ttc? Both times I was told to wait at least one cycle (just for pregnancy dating purposes).

Did everyone know when they ovulated just after the d.c.? nope - but considering that we only had sex the 1 time since my D & C - guess I ovulated a little over 1 month after the D & C.

Was it about 2 weeks? or is it possible not to ovulate until day 35 or so?
But I have been told to count the D>C. as day one. That was forever ago and I think I am ovulating now again I just don't know the test strip says no but I disagree.
I don't know about counting the D & C as day 1 - that just doesn't really make any sense to me. My doc said to not count anything until the 1st day of the return of AF, which makes much more sense to me. As far as how long it takes to ovulate, I am one of those that was well over 30 days when I ovulated, so certainly possible. Now, don't know if i'd ovulated before that - but certainly didn't have AF, so probably didn't.

I am very sorry for your loss - but like so many others on here, I completely can sympathize unfortunately. I'm petrified of it happeninng again, but guess we just have to wait & see. So far have only had 1 hcg test (will get the 2nd result today). 1st reading was 6,890, which is higher than it ever got in my previous 2 failed pregnancies, so keeping my fingers crossed
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