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March 13th, 2007, 02:09 PM
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Well...this is my 3rd day and I just got back from my trek in the what a walk. If I dont go for a walk I feel like Ive accomplished nothing, even though I have completely changed my eating habits in 72 hours.

Im also breast feeding so I need that extra calorie intake which is really hard to accept that.

The first day was hard, yesterday I had the shakes all day and even cried. I could not sleep last night. I dont know why.

So today I had a piece of whole wheat toast with a tsp of peanut butter, a source yogurt and a coffee.
snack I had 2 hardboiled eggs and half a blueberry begal with light cream cheese. For lunch I guess you could say, I had a quarter of cucumber a small peice of cheese and half a rice cake. Im drinking a whole lot of water too.

Dinner is backed chicken, veggies, mashed potatoes and salad. I will have quarter cup of mashed potatoes and load up on salad. Im going to make my own vinaigrette dressing. I feel like a pig eating what I did today I better smarten up.

Anyways. I will be around here for awhile hopefully. Like I said earlier, the walk is really helping me feel like Im accomplishing my goal, so Im sticking with it.
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