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March 14th, 2007, 09:34 AM
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We think we have decided on a name finally for our little girl due in May... Caelyn (not sure of spelling yet). The problem is that my Father in law passed away in November, weeks after we told them we were expecting. My Husband decided to use his dad's name, Lawrence, as a mn if we were having a boy. Well... we are having a girl. It means a lot to him to still use his name in some as her mn. We decided to use Lauren, but it sounds terrible with Caelin. Caelin Lauren just doesn't flow so well. My husband agrees, but says who cares, no one will really use the mn anyway. Well I will... I always do with our other 2 girls as well. I guess it's important to me that they have a nice sounding name.

I need the help of someone creative PLEASE! Is there another way to use the name Lawrence or Larry as a mn. I was thinking of something like Lara, etc. My husband is so picky that Caelyn is the only first name he agrees with. I mentioned using Sydni Lauren, Sienna Lauren, Tessia Lauren: all names I was happy with. I feel like telling him you chose the mn, so I should get to choose the first... but I don't want to argue over this issue, since it's so important to him. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!

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