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March 14th, 2007, 04:23 PM
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After having a yucky experience in the hospital with ds, there was no way I was doing that again. We considered a birth center with dd, but I just didn't feel comfortable. We opted for home (unassisted) and felt after much research and prayer that it was the best option. I think if you know the medical possibilities and are mentally prepared for them (or have someone who is) its great! Not naive.[/b]
ITA~ I had one hospital birth when I was 19 andit was the worst experienc of my life. Since then I have had 2 homebirths...... The difference was like night and day. This time Im planning an unassisted birth and I couldn't be at more peace with my decision. Once I decided this it was like a HUGE weight lifted off of my shoulders.
Nature didn't jip us. We are equipped with everything we need. Yes, I do think it is important to read, research and learn so you are prepared. BUT, I also believe the most preperation you need to build is that within your soul. Reconnecting with nature (for me, or God for anyone eles) Your mind has control of your body. We are such powerful creatures. The medical community wants us to hand that power over to them so they an get a paycheck.
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