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March 14th, 2007, 11:22 PM
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i jnow mine would prob take you, she's commited to the cause, lol. i'm sure you could get a discount, like they said, a good mw whos truly passionat about what she does isn't in it for the money.

what happened to come to the dark side...erm i nmean change your mind ?[/b]
Would she be willing to fly down to Florida?

I just had a dr's appointment today and I am not dilated at all, and he already started talking of inducing after 1 week over my due date. I realized I'm tired of having to battle over the birth and the last couple weeks of pg shouldn't be this stressful.. they're a pain in the butt as it is.. I'm not scared to have a baby, but I'm scared of going to the hospital.

I never really thought that a homebirth was the best option for me right now, but like I said I'm just desperate. Maybe I'll feel differently in the morning. Today I have just been crying off and on and I'm on a hormonal roller coaster. As of this moment I just want to say to hell with it and not go back. Find someone who will deliver me at home and have an "oopsie".

ETA: I just did a quick search and found one website for a local homebirth midwife center and two birthing centers, so I will be making some calls in the morning. Can't hurt to ask...

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