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March 15th, 2007, 12:55 PM
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Read everythign you can get your hands on & if at all possible, find someone you know who has had a homebirth that you can sit down with face to face & talk to about it. Chances are yourea little nervous b/and Im sure a lot of that has to do with our society & cultures beleifs about birth & how things are supposed to be.

Ive been a doula fora couple years now, and at firs,t I dont think I would have considered a home birth. T he more I learned & saw, the more critical I became of my first hospital birth. Then, I got to know other moms who had broken out of the mold, and done homebirth & birthing center births.

Things changed. My mind shifted. But I still questioned if i was being naive, etc. It took a lot for me to really adopt the whole homebirthing situation. Even when I decided it wasnt going to happen in a hospital, it was a leap of faith to do it at home & make that decision.

But, I just kinda closed my eyes, and said hey -= what happens happens, and made up my mind that I WAS doign a homebirth. PERIOD.

And I did! And now, I just cant imagine doing it any other way & cant imagine what I aws so nervous about at first, or HOW ON EARTH I was more nervous about doing it at home than at a hospital. I had much more to fear at a hospital but I think it was a matter of the enemy you know & the friend you dont know


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