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March 15th, 2007, 10:11 PM
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I'm also so sorry you are having to fight already, i wouldn't want to go back either. THe end of pg is ROUGH, a "heavy trip" as my lovely MW says, and I remember being SO grateful that I didn't have a fight to deal with in addition to the heavy emotional toll it takes on you. I agree, having someone on your side is a great idea if you can't make HB work.. Also, i'm sure you know already, but they CANNOT force you to do ANYTHING. THey can't even drop you as a client for refusing induction until more than 30 days "overdue". I would also start refusing cervical checks as I have heard of way too many OB's sneaking in a membrane strip. One girl in my DDC had that happen, and she started bleeding profusely that night and developed a high fever, had to go to the ER and was pitted that night. Baby was three weeks early b/c of some dumb ##### OB.
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