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March 16th, 2007, 08:01 AM
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Thanks for the advice and support.

Just as an update, yesterday morning I called one of the local birthing centers and someone was supposed to call me back, which didn't happen until much later that day and I worked until 7:30 so didn't get a chance to call back and get their answer. So I'll try again today.

I do have a doula. It's someone I work with so he's (yes it's a he, which is kind of funny but he's got the perfect personality ) doing it for free. In our building there is an ob who has gotten him a lot of business, and he's always joked about having a room ready in his office in case I go into labor at work, etc. Well, yesterday when I got to work I told my co-worker the situation and asked him to ask the ob what his opinion was. Found out he said whatever my wishes were is fine, and he does take my insurance. When I finally talked to the doctor myself later in the day he said he didn't want to steal me away unless I wanted to leave, and offered to do an u/s and other tests on Monday to see how she's doing and go from there.

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but when my doctor was telling me why he didn't like to go over 41 weeks, he listed as his reasons size of the baby can get to big and make a c-section necessary, and meconium. When I said many people don't consider a baby "late" until 42 weeks and asked about testing to assess her condition, his only response was you can't test for meconium.

I know I can refuse to do anything. It's not like they can come drag me to the hospital, but on the other hand if I do go past 41 weeks and a couple days and approach 42, I would like to be able to check for fetal distress. I don't want to miss anything in case it is an issue.. and I'm afraid that he will refuse to do those things if I don't consent to the induction.

So, I have a few options.. stick it out and see what happens, stick it out and possibly continue to test with the other ob, switch ob's entirely, and then depending on what the birthing centers and the local homebirth center says gives me more options. I know my insurance doesn't cover homebirths so unless they give me a huge discount that option is out.

Meanwhile, I'm going to walk, dtd, eat pineapples, eggplant parmigiana, spicy food, try acupuncture, and pray all weekend that something happens soon!

THe end of pg is ROUGH, a "heavy trip" as my lovely MW says, and I remember being SO grateful that I didn't have a fight to deal with in addition to the heavy emotional toll it takes on you.[/b]
Exactly! The last few weeks/days of pg are so hard and I'm furious that I have to stress about this at a time when I should just be excited. I've been so fortunate to have a really healthy pg so far. In fact the only bad things that have happened are just the usual complaints: morning sickness, soreness, stuff like that. My bp is excellent, I just started to get a little bit of swelling, and the baby seems to be perfectly healthy so far. Oh, and I don't remember if I said this before or not, but when I was leaving the appointment the other day (trying not to cry) I said, well, hopefully I'll see you (the doctor) before I have to come back here. And his answer was something like, I don't think so/I doubt it. Thanks for your faith in me. Now I feel like a broken car.

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