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March 16th, 2007, 03:47 PM
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I'm new to the boards and I am due June 15. After a lot of searching and reading I have just about decided to go UA homebirth. (My state does not allow midwifes, the closest one is the next state over) This is my fourth pregnancy. My first daughter was 9lb 9 1/2oz & 24in. I had her natural after a HORRIBLE labor in the hospital. My second daughter was almost born at home, we barely made it to the hospital. She was 8lb 3oz and 23in long, also natural. My third daughter (to my horror they induced at 41 weeks) she was 8lb 6oz. Now the only doctor I feel comfortable with retired this month, and I got shirked off to a brand new doctor and once again a hospital with no options. You do it their way or they treat you like crap. No getting out of bed once there, iv, constant blood pressure checking, pulse monitor on finger, internal monitor (they break your water as soon as you come in), enema, catheder, lay on back, no walking, sitting, ect...They take your baby for 3 hours after birth and you don't get any chance to nurse (you can hold the baby for maybe five minutes), The list of horrors goes on. To top that off I am VERY unhappy with the new OB/GYN who comes from a learning hospital that are big believers on forceps/vaccume extraction/c-section. Since seeing him I have already felt "forced" To have a battery of blood tests ( which of course all came out negative) and have heard him gossiping to his nurses in the hall about other patients. I am a healthy woman having a baby! I'm not sick! So after research and reading a lot of posts here, I am feeling more empowered to doing this at home as an "oopsie" (once again, my state is harsh, especially my county).
Sorry for all the venting! But I think I am really going to like it here.
What do you mean it's a boy? This is a joke right? Christopher London is coming!!!!!!

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