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March 17th, 2007, 09:34 PM
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I'm so sorry, i started to reply to this yesterday....i must have been kidnapped by babies. So happy to see you here, sounds like you def don't need the hospital for anything! With my DD who is almost four, i just prepared with her through the whole pg, discussed the sights and sounds and smells of birth, talked about the blodd and the placenta, cord, fluid etc. Explained everything so she knew it wasn't bad if i was bleeding, that "the blood is for the baby, it keeps him safe and healthy" We watched lots of vids of birth and viewed pics online. She was giving birth herself about three times a day in the last weeks. She continually birthed a stuffed giraffe, and a few times, her frog, Carswell, lol. She even had an imaginary midwife! In the end, it happened all at night, she was with me through all of my early labor, she would walk past me and rub my back and kiss me, and go back to cartoons. THe hard labor was at night, and the baby was born at 6am. About 20 min later, we woke her up and brought her in, there was blood and baby poo and stuff everywhere, but none of it phazed her in the slightest, she was talking to my mom on the phone after the cord cutting and telling her all about it, how there was a little blood but it was ok, and the cord, it was so sweet.

Your MW will help you prepare, but we all have lists if you want them what?
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