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March 18th, 2007, 06:10 AM
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1) What do you do with the older kids while delivering? I know my boys want no part in seeing that, and Dani will only be 16 months...
You can either send them to someone else's house or just have them in another part of the house, or they can choose to be right there (Ani and Cameron were there the whole time, but both got bored and chose to leave and go to the living room before Fritz was actually born). Particularly for Dani you will want someone there for her (possibly older brother or sister would be fine for that). Since you go so fast it may not even be an issue.

2) How do you prepare....what do you need? I know my mw can answer that one though
Your mw will tell you. You may want to read, hang around here, and possibly do a little research into unassisted/emergency childbirth due to the speed of Dani's birth.

3) What if there are problems?
Problems aren't all that likely, but if there are your mw will tell you what to do. I trust my mw 100% and if she were to tell me I needed to transfer or change position or something I would not hesitate.

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