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March 18th, 2007, 08:54 AM
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I honestly think that every single one of the options is a beautiful name. I went with Louisa for the poll though, because I think it is gorgeous and way underused. I think that Marguerite and Catalina would tie for second place for me...I think those three still sound really fresh compared to a lot of the names on your list.

(I also love Caterina, but since you're in New Orleans, I fear that people would miss the Italian roots of the name and think you were trying to be kreetiv with Katrina, but I'm probably over thinking that... )[/b]
Mmmm ... I think people in the grocery store would miss it. Not everyone's had the opportunity to hear the name before! On the other hand DF says he would totally want to call a Caterina "Cate" (remember Catesby from his list?) so strangers might not ever hear Caterina and thus never be able to associate it with Katrina.

But my family, the teachers at the school here, etc, would totally get it.

Now that I'm going over them a lot of them have indirect associations.

Caterina sounds like Katrina, DF has a cousin named Victoria so maybe not Vittoria, MIL's name is Marleen so she'd love to think Marguerite was named after herself, aunt's name is Ellen so she'd love to think Eleanor was after herself, Emily is popular so maybe not Émilie, Louisa sounds like my Uncle Lou and Aunt Louise who are BOTH called "Lou" so there's no possible nickname, and I already have a friend named Charlotte.

I know too many people and see too many things.

Maybe I could just relegate Marguerite, Eleanor, Louisa, and Charlotte to the "middle name" list and then whoever wants to think it's after themselves can be free to think whatever they want.
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