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March 18th, 2007, 12:50 PM
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My dog's name is Acadia. I wanted to use it for a child ... but, alas, my DF says no way. I think it's beautiful and I had to use it somehow. If you want a nickname for it he calls her Cady.

Basically you're looking for names I like that my DF has said no to.

Paisley - but the -ley ending is pretty popular
Evangeline (that also has a rural Louisiana-type feel, like Acadia does for me)
Daphne - one of the characters from "Scooby Doo", but I have never met a real person named Daphne

A bit different style but still within what you might like ...

Patience (my mom always said she should have named me Patience since I have NONE!)
Meadow (since you like Autumn?)
Laramie (place name)
Delta (the only person I know with this name is Delta Burke!)
Beylar (old southern name)

My best friend's name is Oriel ... it means "golden" and I've seen it online/in name books/etc but I have NEVER met anyone else actually named that. A shame, since I think it's pretty.

I think any of those would make her the only one in her class.

During the period of the Southern belles a lot of women around here were named Fancy ... I doubt there would be another Fancy!
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