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March 19th, 2007, 12:50 PM
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Just do your homework and know the risks. If you already have a history of heavy bleeding, the ablation may not solve it for you because of the tubal. A tubal can damage the blood flow to the ovaries, causing them to shrivel up and not be able to do the important hormonal work they need to do - heavy and irregular bleeding is a common side effect. Since you already deal with that, it could become a lot worse. Endometrial ablation does tend to ease the problem for many women, but when bleeding is severe it's often not enough. You could do more damage and wind up with a hysterectomy at some point because of it.
Know what you could be signing up I know many women who use Natural Family Planning right through until menopause to avoid those risks (proper training is essential though). More and more data is coming out to show that they tend to have a much easier transition through menopause because the delicate web of hormones and their functions hasn't been disrupted with synthetic drugs or damage from sterilization surgery. It's an option. Women with tubals have a significantly higher risk of requiring hysterectomy later due to complications at menopause.

It might be worth considering treatment that gets to the bottom of WHY you bleed so heavily, instead of covering it up with oral contraceptives. Correcting that problem would have a lot of benefits for your long term health. These doctors specialize in doing just that to restore women to optimum health:
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