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March 21st, 2007, 11:04 AM
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Oh I can't wait to see how my kitties will do with the baby. When my first nephew was a baby, my kitten who was just a month older than him was really sweet to him. My nephew was crying and my fluff ball baby Vader came over and put his paw on him to say it was ok.

Patches has alot of patience!!! b/c when my nephews come over now, all 4 kitties run away.

I love to see how much our fur babies just love our babies. I'll go first. Here is Nicholas with his kitty Patches.

It looks like she doesn't like it but she really loves to have her ears, hair and tail pulled.

Okay, whos next?[/b]
When i was a little girl, we had a hemilayan that love to be spanked with a fly swatter...hard. His name was !&$#% Gato. Lived about 17 years.

oh I guess the other word for kitty is a bad word on justmommies
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