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March 23rd, 2007, 08:22 AM
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I think you have made a GREAT decision...this coming from someone who IS having a hospital birth too!! Your hospital and new OB sound horrible, that is just way tomuch stress to be going through when you are supposed to be doing one of the most important things in your life!! I am very grateful that I love my midwife and trust her so much. I have NEVER seen an OB, and this is my 4th child (9th pregnancy). I don't ever intend to go to an OB either. I am having my baby in the hospital, however, I really trust everyone there (except for one new nurse, who I didn't have w/ the other 3....she scares me a little, lol), love the surroundings, and I know they will follow all of my natural birthing wished, unless ABSOLUTLEY medically necessary. I have done my research and know what is medically necessary, and what is just for their convenience. I think you are doing a great thing!! Stick around here, and make sure to do your research, you can have a wonderful birthing experience w/o all the horrors that your OB and hospital want to put you through.
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